About Us...

Diaz Brothers Construction was formally started in 2018, by brothers Eddie, Juan, and Arturo Diaz, but our experience in the construction industry started long before that. We have been in the industry for 10+ years.

Based out of Yakima, we’ve already completed projects across the Pacific Northwest and throughout Washington. We service the entire Yakima Valley and beyond.

When we say that build from the ground up, we mean it. From site planning and blueprints, flatwork, framing, up through the roof. We can build new construction, add on to your existing building/home, or we can remodel for you.

Are you ready to get started?

Contractor License #DIAZBBC820PC


We pour concrete, and can do either shallow or deep foundations. A strong foundation is imperative to the longevity of your home/building.


Wall panels, plates, studs, joists, and more. Whether framing with wood or steel, this is the step that brings shape to your dreams.


We can properly design and build a roof that will help maintain your home's temperature efficiently, extend its lifespan, & save you money.

Custom Buildings

We build custom homes & buildings. If you're looking to own something uniquely yours, Diaz Brothers is the right place to call!


Let Diaz Brothers handle your flatwork beyond foundations. We can do floors, driveways, basements, sidewalks and more.


Siding is important to the exterior appeal and structure of your home. Whether you need LP, hardboard or vinyl, give us a call.


We specialize in designing and constructing beautiful custom kitchens for your new home.

Commercial Buildings

From commercial foundations, framing, all the way to finish, we can help you be effective on your next commercial development!

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